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Care Academy (CA) is an educational institute, dedicated to spread technical education and impart training in various types of courses to the unemployed youth in order to create professionally trained for self-employment, CA specially works on rural areas. There are… Read More


Events Organized by Care Academy every year for the betterment of Students and celebrate some special days.

April 12 at 11 AM

Selected Events

August 15 at 7 AM 

Rally on the streets of Jiaganj

Teachers' Day

September 5 at the batch time

At Care Academy 


Certified Students




Events Organized


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OUR Courses

Care Academy provides these mandatory Computer Courses which help students capture the basic and essential knowledge about Computer.


This programme aims to introduce the concepts of Software, Multimedia and Internet technologies


The DCA program imparts scientific, practical and technical knowledge to its learners about various computer tools that are used in day to day life.



This Master Diploma Course offers all the knowledge a student needs to know to complete the necessary information about Computer.


Hardware course teaches you how to install and support common computer hardware, and diagnose and repair problems when they occur.

Online Class

Opportunity to get access to Online Class while staying at home without any cost.


The supports from teachers of Care Academy is enormous. Relationship between teachers and students is very good.


There are many facilities in Care Academy. To know more click on 'Facility'.

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